Ghost Having Webcam Sex? Man Filming Paranormal Activity Catches Girlfriend Having Sex With Underage Son Age Of Consent In Tasmania Is 17 Years

Its Paranormal Activity gone horribly wrong. A father in Tasmania, Australia thought he was being haunted by a particularly noisy poltergeist or perhaps the Tasmanian Devil, so he set up a webcam sex, which is the go-to option in the Youtube era. Personally we would have called the Ghostbusters. Instead he caught his 28-year-old girlfriend making out with his 16-year-old son. To make it even worse, the woman had known the boy for years, since he was a child in primary school.

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Being haunted would probably have been better. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The girlfriend claims she thought the age of consent in Tasmania was 16. Unfortunately for her, it was 17 years (this is why Wikipedia exists). She was arrested and pled guilty to having sex with an underage boy. The man said that they “had a strained relationship, the court heard, but their discussion led to tickling and then to sexual intercourse.” Oh….well ok then. An interesting progression from an argument to tickling to make-up sex but we can’t fault them for it.

When he watched the video he saw the woman cuddling and kissing his teenage son. After he called the police, she admitted to having sex with the boy twice, even traveling to see the boy on a six-day trip when he moved to the West Coast, where the pair had sex in a hotel. The woman’s lawyer claimed she was “ashamed at her conduct.”

Not even the Ghostbusters could have stopped this. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Not even the Ghostbusters could have stopped this. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Are we the only people who think the ghost excuse was just a way for him to find a way to prove his suspicion without sounding creepy? You can’t just say, “I’m setting up a webcam because I think my girlfriend is having sex with my teenage son.” That would just be weird.

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